I Love the Canned Chicken Barley Soup. Is There Any Way to Recreate This in a Crock Pot?

I love the chicken barley soup from Progresso and Campbell’s. Is there any way to recreate this delicious soup in a crock pot that’s low in sodium and carbs? My mom buys already-cooked grilled chicken strips from Costco; would that be acceptable to put in a crock pot soup or would I be better off […]

Is Chicken Safe in a Slow Cooker?

I got this recipe from a family member, however i am a little concerned about the chicken portion. My slow cooker has 2 settings, low and high, i dont really know how hot it is actually getting. And she says to cut up raw chicken strips from boneless skinless chicken, and throw it, with other […]

How Long Do I Cook Raw Chicken Strips in the Crock Pot on Low?

I have a bag of uncooked, unseasoned chicken strips which I have thawed in the fridge overnight, and I’m wanting to use my favorite recipe on them, but I’ve never combined it in a crock pot before. So how long do I leave them in there on low setting? And I don’t have to brown […]

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