Can I Do a Whole Chicken in Slow Cooker Then Bbq It?

My supermarket does the kind of flattened chickens with bones removed (possibly called a spatchcock chicken or something similar) which can be bbq’d/grilled. I love the taste of chicken cooked on the barbeque, but even if i put it when the coals aren’t too hot it ends up very burnt on the outside and a little bit dry. I’m paranoid about food poisoning so maybe i overcook it a little bit/

Since i always think the skin is the best bit…would it be possible to cook the chicken in the slow cooker, and then barbeque it just to get the skin a little bit crispier.

I was hoping i’d end up with moist chicken with delicious crispy skin. Will it work? If so would i cook it on high/low setting and should i put some liquid or anything in it


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